About Us

WELCOME TO:  Kimy Treats



Kimy Treats is a Houston based company whose mission is to add a bag of delight or jar of soothing comfort to your journey through entrepreneurship. Our small-batch vegan, gourmet, non-gmo popcorn is designed to tantalize your taste buds, and spice up your spirit. On the other hand our small-batch, hand-whipped body butter is created to soothe and refresh your senses and your skin.


A serial entrepreneur, speaker, sports journalist and self-proclaimed foodie, our founder Kim Davis understands the importance of taking healthy breaks to renew and recharge while building her businesses. 


We value quality products made with premium clean ingredients. We want you to have an amazing experience with Kimy Treats. If not, write to us and we'll make it right.


We are also proud to support local charity initiatives. As our business grows so will our community support. 

Thank you for choosing to shop with Kimy Treats!